Random Projects

Primeira Pele

In association with OC, a Sports Branding Agency, I did the brand identity of a campaign against racism in sports. Several cases explode in 2020 involving athletes in many categories of sports. Many professional athletes accept to be part of the movement, sharing the video on their profiles on Instagram. I did the logo, the first round of social media content, and an Anti-Racism Manual teaching what do when you suffer a racism attack.

Check the manifest video on primeirapele.com
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Anti-Racism Manual

Check the full manual

Junior Jr's - My NFT project

This is a collection of illustrations made by me. The idea is to test the NFT market. I did portraits of me, using pop art, trends and other influences that I had in my life. It's a work in progress. The next step is to illustrated more elements to create a randomized collection and publish as NFT. 

Young rapper

NBA player



Baron Samedi


Regular at 70's

Independent musician


A collections of some logos that I did along the time.

Made to my mom, for her frozen food business brand

A environment sustainable brand focused on reduce the single use of plastic

A burguer shop brand

A blog that teaches how to invest FIFA cards to make millions in coins


Studies for an app to track bus lines. Some friends ask me a little help with the UI. It was a long time ago.

My art director portfolio

If you want to check my work as a Art Director, before my transition, check my old portfolio

Check my Art Director portfolio