Create apps

How I helped reverse an unfavorable situation by working as a team. 

The journey of creating applications

In the Ecosystem department, I helped to create the Partner's Portal, which is a tool for enabling partners to offer solutions to merchants. Among some other features, I build the "create apps journey" for partners who wants to offer apps to merchants. To publish an app on the app store, there are four stages for an application to be ready:


At that time, the Partner's Portal already had two previous versions of this flow. Creating a third one was challenging but necessary because we identified that partners were abandoning the journey before having their app published.

My contribution
to help the team

Since I designed the previous versions, I decided to gather all the materials that supported our decisions. I invited the Product Manager, Tech Lead, and backend and frontend engineers to present them. The idea was for them to have time to analyze and bring suggestions at the next meeting, already scheduled.

Data that supported design decisions:


Providing context for the partner.

After our analysis, we realized an important detail. This flow was not linear. The previous versions focused on performing specific activities, but the metric to be achieved was to publish the application. To do this, we needed to provide more context about the process.

Creating documentation for the partner

Seeking ideas on how to bring this context to the partner, we noticed that competitors always offered a simple experience in the logged-in area. However, they all had very complete documentation in an external link. By analyzing these documentations, we noticed that they all offered a complete step-by-step process.


20% increase in the number of applications published

We set a 30-day deadline to observe if partners were progressing to the other stages of the funnel.

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